We're a Made to Order business, please allow 2-3 week to receive your order.
We are a made to order business, please allow 2-3 week to receive your order. We appreciate your patience.

About Us


Klatso is dedicated to selling beautiful, high-quality handmade table top and home decor items made by master artisans in Colombia. Our products are made with natural fibers such as Iraca palm and other locally sourced fibers, ensuring that each piece is unique and has a special connection to the Colombian culture.

We invite you to explore our collection and discover the beauty of Colombian craftsmanship for yourself.

Our artisans

Mainly female artisans who are incredibly talented to their craft. They pour their hearts and soul into every piece they create, and we are honored to work with them to showcase their talent to the world. We believe in providing our artisans with fair wages and safe working conditions, allowing them to provide for their families and improve their standard of living.

Our culture

We are passionate about preserving ancient techniques and promoting the cultural heritage of Colombia through our products. We strive to bring the beauty and richness of Colombian artistry to homes around the world, allowing our customers to experience a small piece of this vibrant culture in their everyday lives.